Sunday, June 10, 2012

Donate A Deal!

Many of our site's visitors are leaders of Shul's, Kolels or Torah Centers. They like the deals but don't always have the money for them. The question they keep asking is "Do you have a sponsor?"
From now on you may send us a request to be listed here so people may donate to your organization.
Then all you need to do is notify all your friends, relatives and congregants about the dedication opportunity on this site and hopefully you'll find your sponsor!

Now here comes the good part!
Since we understand that it might take more than a day to find a sponsor, we will give the sale price up to 2 weeks from when the deal has been posted provided that it is being shipped to a third party which has to be either a Shul etc. or the rabbi/ spiritual leader of the institution.

Restrictions may apply and each case will be looked at by our staff individually.

For more info on our 'donate a deal' program contact us @

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